Top Ten Reasons to Move to Calgary

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February 23, 2016
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Top Ten Reasons to Move to Calgary

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Top Ten Reasons to Make the Move to Calgary

There are more than two dozen reasons why you should move to Calgary.  In sheer economic terms, Calgary is an excellent place to stay.  It has a robust manufacturing sector, energy and finance sectors, transportation, creative and film industry as well as technology firms.  The income tax pales in comparison with some other provinces and especially if you compare with the taxes elsewhere in the developed world, particularly the United States.  It is a prosperous city and people who live here are happy, satiated and rewarded for their contribution to everything that matters.


If you are still wondering if you should or shouldn’t move to Calgary, then here are ten reasons that will immediately compel you to pick up the phone and call in the movers.


1. You don’t live in isolation.  We live in a society and even at a time when we live independently without depending much on other people, there is a correlation with the people around us.  We need a friendly and safe neighborhood, we need the people in the city we live in to be substantially diverse, peace loving and there shouldn’t be any threat to life, health or property.  Calgary ranks very high on the diversity index and is a culturally active city.  The people are friendly.  The city is hospitable and welcoming.


2. We do we imagine a cottage in the woods, a lake house or a villa by the sea?  These are images that trigger our levels of satiation.  Calgary offers the Rocky Mountains, the Banff National Park and many trails with caves and fascinating views all around.


3. Calgary is a young city.  There’s energy as in vibrant spirit, technology and there is always something happening to keep you engaged.


4. Calgary is a city of opportunity.  There are jobs and the jobs pay well.


5. Calgary has more than thirty golf courses, there are ten parks in the city and scores beyond, you could go snowboarding or heli-skiing, swimming or you could just enjoy some of the partying hotspots.


6. Calgary has one of the finest public transit systems in the country.  The bus routes, railway systems and exchange points are better than some of the major capitals around the world.


7. Calgary is a planned city.  Whether it is civic amenities or matters of convenience, nothing is elusive.


8. Calgary is a participative city.  The people in the city come together whenever there is a need.


9. Calgary has one of the best public healthcare systems, not just in Canada but in the world.


10. Calgary is a real estate haven.  The homes will just spellbind you.


Have you called the movers yet?  We hope this has helped in the decision to make the move to Calgary.


For more information on the City of Calgary, please follow this link to their Wikipedia page


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