Finding a Good Place to Rent in Calgary

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March 23, 2016
Moving in Alberta
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March 29, 2016

Finding a Good Place to Rent in Calgary

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3 Tips on Finding a Good Place to Rent in Calgary


Finding a good place to rent in Calgary is not a herculean task but it is not very easy either.  Calgary is one of the finest places to stay in Canada.  It is a safe city and has everything you need.  With rewarding jobs, plenty of places to travel to within driving distances and being a relaxed yet happening place, rental properties are in high demand and so are the movers.  While you can easily get some affordable movers in Calgary, you wouldn’t as easily find an ideal apartment, condo or house.


Here are some tips that can help you to find a place for rent in Calgary.


  • Hire a real estate agent who is based in Calgary but is not an old school realtor.  There has been phenomenal development in Calgary over the last two decades.  There is no housing crisis but there is certainly an old Calgary and a new Calgary.  You would find high rises but they aren’t as widespread as in Toronto or even Vancouver.  You are more likely to get rental homes than rental condos.  But that shouldn’t be a problem because there are plenty of nifty homes which are relatively affordable and easy to maintain.  Privacy, security or upkeep, none of those would be a concern.  The only trick is to find a great location and an affordable place to rent and that is where a local real estate agent would be most helpful.  You can try using online ads or classifieds but hands-on local help is still the best.


  • You should be a tad flexible with your price.  It is obvious that homeowners or landlords and property managers would expect you to pay a certain price.  Truth be told, Canadian cities are not among the cheapest in the world.  However, there is some room for you to play around but you ought to be flexible.  Being too rigid will see you miss out on some lovely properties and you may end up paying just what the previous owners were asking for, not because you want to but you have to.


  • Finally, know the best time to move to Calgary.  If you have a pressing commitment or a joining date at work, if you have to vacate the premises at one address or if you absolutely have to be in the city in a new place on a certain date, work with your real estate agent to find the most suitable time.  Move ahead in time if possible.  There are times of the year when more properties get vacated and that is your most opportune window to find a place to rent in Calgary.


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