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February 1, 2016
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Relocating from Calgary to Edmonton

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Tips on Relocating from Calgary to Edmonton


Relocating from Calgary to Edmonton can be seen as a four hour drive or a half hour flight but when you delve into the details, it becomes a daunting exercise.  If you don’t have much stuff to move, then you are rather mobile and you can easily move from Calgary to Edmonton.  Should you have a ton of stuff, several family members and you are basically moving your entire life from Calgary to Edmonton, then you need to plan well.  There are certain best practices and a few things will have to be figured out as you go along.  Considering both the expected and unexpected, here are some tips that can be of immense help if you are relocating from Calgary to Edmonton.
• Always plan ahead. The sooner you plan, the better it is.  It is actually never too early to plan when you know for sure that you would be moving.  Get quotes from movers, think of packing all your stuff, the stuffs that you would give away or perhaps list online should people be interested to buy.  You must be proactive with all these exercises. They have to be attended to, whether you are good at it or you need to hire some professional help.
• You would hire an Alberta moving company if you are relocating from Calgary to Edmonton.  Consider a company that either has a base in one of the two cities or has an expansive presence there.  Unless a company is locally based or doesn’t have enough business in the two cities already, the prices would likely skyrocket.  An Alberta moving company that is not new to the route or already has the infrastructure available in the cities will be easily dispatching the resources for your need.  Companies based elsewhere will have to bear additional costs just to get to your address.
• You should focus on the furniture while packing.  Most types of furniture are durable and people often presume them to be sturdy enough to be handled in any way one wants.  That is where most people go wrong.  Just because your furniture looks sturdy or is durable doesn’t mean you can pack or move them in a random manner.  Furniture Relocators, an Alberta moving company, takes just as much care of your furniture as your consumer electronics demand.  Every possession must be handled safely and with care.  You may not damage your furniture but you can certainly cause cosmetic impacts, which is undesirable and can prove to be costly.


We have relocated countless Albertans to Edmonton from Calgary and encourage you to have a look at one of our review sites showing some of our past clients testimonials on our company.


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