Reasons That Make Canada Great

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Reasons That Make Canada Great

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Top Ten Reasons that make Canada Great


Canada is a great nation and no, it is not just because there is a handsome and charming Justin Trudeau as the prime minister, a Sikh war veteran as the Defense Minister or because we exported Justin Bieber before his mischief became more viral than his songs.  Canada is a paradise in its own right.  It is not about comparing Canada with Florida or the Bahamas, Sydney or Mallorca, Bora Bora or Paris.  It is just in a league of its own.


Here are the top ten reasons that make Canada great.


  • The first reason has to be the Canadians.  The country is home to people from all across the world.  Name any ethnicity or nationality and you are likely to find at least some from that part of the world.  That has made Canada a cultural pot that is hard to match.  Canadians are relatively polite, extremely social and can be very sympathetic.  They would rarely abuse you even if you were the one to bump against them.


  • The second reason has to be Canada itself, the geography and biodiversity, the scenic settings and the amazing weather barring the super freezing weeks every year.  But even the snow is mesmerizing as the country is a winter sport haven.


  • Canada is home to some of the best cities in the world and some of the finest outback or rural towns.  You get the best of both worlds.


  • Canada ranks very low on pollution levels.  It ranks third on the list of countries having the cleanest air, according to WHO.


  • Canada has more natural resources than it needs, or what its present population requires.  It can easily sustain more than thrice the population it has today.  This allows everyone to prosper.


  • Canada’s economics is very sound, even during the oil crisis.  There are plenty of jobs, great education and a lot of time to have fun in life.


  • Canada is home to some of the best banks in the world, banks that wouldn’t play poker with your money but truly cater to your needs.


  • Owing to the cultural melting pot that Canada is and its earlier trysts with French, British and Portuguese colonization, you get foods from all culinary bowls of the world.


  • Canada is a haven for those who want to have fun.  No matter where you are, a fascinating tourist hot spot or an adventure is just a few hours away.


  • Canada has friendly relations with almost every country in the world. It doesn’t dictate terms to others and doesn’t meddle with anyone’s affairs. It is a liberal country that had allowed same sex marriage ten years ago. You can be a free person in a free land enjoying a free life in Canada.


Follow this link for some of the top things to do in Canada.



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