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How to Prepare a Moving Day Checklist

You could be moving on your own or you may hire a Calgary moving company to do everything for you.  The latter is going to cost you a bit more money but you would have plenty of time, you don’t need to invest any labor and the whole exercise will be professionally managed.  Having a few expert helping hands is obviously better than trying to do everything on your own.  Regardless of how you approach your move, you must have a moving day checklist.



Here is a brief guide to help you prepare this moving day checklist.


• You must have a system in place to track your boxes.  The easiest way to do this is numbering your boxes.  You can just number them as one, two and three and so on.  Keep a count of the total number of boxes.  When you have the boxes sorted at your place, count them and count them once they are loaded.  Should the total count not match the original count, you can then refer to the specific numbers on the boxes to identify the one missing.  It is even better if you can have a brief description of every box.  Try to maintain a longer list, not your checklist, for all items you have in every box.  It is called taking an inventory.  When you have an inventory, you would not only have all your stuff attended and accounted for but you can also be extra careful with fragile items.
• Before your moving day, you should prepare a list of things to do at the last minute.  For instance, the items you would be using till the night before or perhaps in the morning need to be packed and accounted for.  Have a checklist for all these items.  Grab them once you are done using them and get them neatly packed.  The checklist with the numbers and the items to be packed at the last minute must be crosschecked while loading, at the time of departing the place and then after the stuff is offloaded at the new address.
• Beyond this checklist, you should have a list of things you need and the things you may miss.  For instance, you may need new lights or certain fixtures in your new home that would be of immediate need.  You may have to hire an electrician, plumber or carpenter to uninstall, move and install certain fixtures.  A moving day checklist will be incomplete without having these essentials.


Looking for an additional moving day checklist or tips and tricks?  Check out this link which goes further into the subject.


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