Moving Challenges- What To Do With The Kids?

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Moving Challenges- What To Do With The Kids?

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Moving Challenges – 4 tips on what to do with the kids


There are plenty of moving challenges that would be demanding your unflinching attention.  One of the hardest moving challenges is to deal with the kids.  While some kids would love the idea of moving into a new place, that is a rarity.  Most kids would hate the idea of moving and thus they would pose a herculean obstacle in your path.  Forget the tons of packages and the entire onus of shifting base and setting everything up from scratch, moving your kids will become the most complicated of your moving challenges.


Here is how you can work with your kids and make several moving challenges less overwhelming.


  • The first thing you should try to do is win them over to your side.  Since kids are likely to be rigid when it comes to moving, you need to explain to them why they have to move.  Depending on the age of the kids, you can tell them the truth or you can sugarcoat the truth.  Do not try to lie because your kids will figure out the facts.  Even if they are young enough to understand on their own, they would always have some smarter kid in their school or in the neighborhood who they are friends with and they would expose the truth.  If your kids are convinced of the reason to move or even if they are disappointed but willing, then half the job is done.


  • You should prepare your kids for something better.  Don’t paint an entirely rosy picture but try to speak of something good about the whole moving exercise.  If the kids have something to look forward to, then they wouldn’t just comply with your needs but would also lend a helping hand.  You would be amazed at how much stuff the little hands can pack in an hour.


  • The best strategy is to involve the kids in your decision making; that is if they are old enough.  If they are too young, then you can allow some degree of autonomy when the moving is over. For instance, you can allow your kids to choose the paint for their rooms or some fixtures that would deck the living room.  You can allow them to pick the rugs, some lights or anything that wouldn’t be too expensive and you wouldn’t mind conceding to the demands of your little ones.


  • Finally, reward the efforts of your kids.  Whether it is a treat or a weekend getaway, a few days off from studies or something they have been longing for a long time, reward their cooperation through the moving challenges and they will be happy.


Looking for more information?  Follow this link to a great article about the psychology of why moving is tough for kids.


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