Moving boxes- What are all the different sizes for?

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March 21, 2017

Moving boxes- What are all the different sizes for?

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How to properly utilize each different size of moving box to help your move be more efficient and stress free

Quite often we get asked about why all the different sizes of moving boxes and what should go into each one so hopefully this blog post can answer some of those questions.  We run into a lot of these issues on the job site and if not done correctly it can definitely add time to your move and since most moving companies charge by the hour you ended costing yourself more money.


Most moving companies use dollies, straps and other moving equipment that is designed for standard moving boxes which cuts down on the number of trips in and out of the house.  We have run into quite a few clients that like to use odd shaped boxes that are not a standard size which doesn’t allow our crews to stack them properly on the two wheel dollies therefore increasing the number of trips in and out of your home as well as the cost of the move.


Below you will find the standard sizes of moving boxes used in Calgary as well as a quick description of each and examples of items to pack into them.


2 cubic inch box–  2 cubes are the smallest box size we carry.  They are used for both smaller, heavier items and lighter objects as well, just not in the same box.


Examples of heavier items– Books, canned foods, movies, files, smaller appliances, tools.


Examples of smaller items– cords, dry food, knick knacks, jewelry boxes, hats.



4 cubic inch box– This size of box should be used for most mid-weight and bulky household items.


Examples–  Heavy linens, pots and pans, household appliances, children’s toys, smaller garage items.



5 cubic inch box– a box this big can and should only be used for light bulky items.


Examples– sheets, blankets, light toys, pillows, plastic containers, and other light and bulky items.



China Barrels–  a China barrel or “Dishpack” is a large and double walled box specifically designed for fragile items that are mainly found in the kitchen.  packed properly with packing paper these boxes are the safest way to move all your fragile items.


Examples– Plates, bowls, glasses, fine china, coffee and tea pots, fragile ornaments, all glass items.



Picture Boxes–  Picture boxes are great, when utilized properly they will aid in the safe transit of your beautiful and expensive art work.  Please keep in mind that if you are adding more than one piece of art to each box then you will need some packing paper to work as a divider between each piece.



Wardrobe boxes–  You can utilize these boxes in a couple different ways.  The most common is to hang your clothes and the bars to prevent wrinkling.  When doing this I recommend putting all your shoes or bedding int he bottom of these boxes to maximize space.  Wardrobe boxes are also great for big bulky kids toys and can be used for bedding as well.



In the end, packing boxes the wrong way will not only cost you more financially but the time you spend and stress levels you have at the same time.  Help your moving company and yourself by packing properly.


Austin McKinnon

moving boxes and how to utilize them properly



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