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Maple Leaf Storage Calgary
May 13, 2015
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City of Calgary
October 30, 2015
Movers in Calgary

There has been a bad reputation for movers in Calgary for a long time now, due to the increasing number of fly by night imitation moving companies. Several of these just pop up during the moving season and run different numbered companies for each year due to the high number of claims they have.  They will undercut the competition and at the end of the day more often than not they leave the customer with several thousand dollars of damage to the furniture and all surroundings.  If you feel like you may be dealing with one of these moving companies then we strongly recommend not only that you find reviews online but ask for their insurance and WCB coverage upfront as you can bet they will not have one or even both.

What To Look For with movers in Calgary

If you have already booked movers in Calgary and you are still unsure, then before they start the job, you can always have a look at the back of their truck.  If it is clean with lots of folded and stacked furniture blankets, shrink wrap and dollies then you can start to feel comfortable.  If the truck is a mess or there are no or limited amount of furniture blankets, shrink wrap and dollies then I would suggest cancelling with them and hiring professional movers instead.

When you are looking for movers in Calgary it is not just the fly by night companies you have to worry about, its also the ones that are running under several different company names and listings.  These guys will have 2-5 different websites running under different names all belonging to the same company.  This is usually because each time they start to get bad reviews under one company name they go and open another so that no one review site is all negative and is more spread out to enhance their online presence.  With some research you can usually tell which movers in Calgary are like this.  They will have the same logos hidden in their ads or websites as well as phone numbers that are either the same or one or two numbers off meaning they got them all as a bunch.

If you need any help with finding a reputable company then give us a shout anytime and we would be more than happy to help you.

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Furniture Relocators
Furniture Relocators
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