Preparing for a Local Move to Cut Down on Costs

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February 12, 2016
Moving in Alberta
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Preparing for a Local Move to Cut Down on Costs

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How to prepare for a local move to cut down on costs


We often think that a local move is easier than moving to a distant city or town.  In reality, the only major difference is cost.  You have a long route to tread and that will increase your cost.  However, all other moving costs would be almost the same.  You would have to pack, load up your stuff, hire a truck or van, unload and then sort them at their rightful places in the new place.  You could hire a moving company for a local move or you could do everything on your own.


Anyone would want to cut down on costs of moving and you need a few smart strategies to accomplish that. Here is what you should do to prepare for a local move while cutting down on the costs.


• Whether you are hiring a moving company or not, try to pack on your own.  When you get a moving company to pack and move your stuff, it would obviously cost you more.  If you take care of packing, then you can save some substantial bucks.  You can get your family members, friends and even friendly neighbors to give you a helping hand.  If you have too many items, then packing may take more than a week, unless you want to work round the clock for a day or two.  Your personal experience in packing will also be the key to determining how long the whole exercise takes.
• You need to cut down on your packing costs.  You would need boxes.  Use any and every box you have, use bags or luggage that you already own and get boxes from your local grocery stores.  The boxes you get from local stores would be free.  Don’t purchase packing boxes if you are looking to cut down on costs.  You can use large plastic sheets for durable materials and free boxes with padding made of clothes for fragile items.  You can even use some linen to act as padding for fragile items.  Boxes that come with padding are costlier and they may not be the ones available for free at your local grocery store.  You can also use cotton, newspaper or other soft materials for padding.  This will save you a bit of money.
• Rent a truck or van and drive it yourself.  A local move doesn’t require a very skilled driver because you don’t need to drive for hours.  That being said, make sure you have someone to back you up and for navigational purposes.  Having someone with you while operating a moving van usually just a good idea.


•Use old blankets and other soft materials to wrap and protect your metal and wood furniture while in transit.


•While loading the truck, make sure to strap everything as tightly as possible to prevent movement of your furniture.  This is where damage can happen.


For even more tips and tricks to cut down costs on a local move have a look at this household tips site.


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