How we work

We are organized

At Furniture Relocators we understand that being professional and organized are the keys to performing a quality move and in turn getting repeat business. Our movers are trained to be neat and tidy while on the job and represent the company in a professional and friendly manner. We have options to tag and list your items as well although normally this is just done for long distance moves. Doing this will create a paper inventory of all your items for safe keeping while in transit or storage for an extended period of time.

We work locally

Furniture Relocators is a local moving company that serves the greater Calgary area. We specialize in local moves within Calgary however will travel anywhere within the province of Alberta as long as the pick up or drop off destination is within the greater Calgary area. All of our local moves have a 1 hour travel charge that allows us a half an hour to your home or office and a half an hour back to our shop after the move is complete. For anything outside the city we have a round trip travel charge from when we leave our office until we get back.

Fast and efficient

We pride ourselves on the ability to be as fast and efficient as possible while still maintaining our ability to protect your belongings while we are moving them. We understand that we charge by the hour and since we rely on repeat and referral customers we make an effort to make sure that we are always moving at a steady pace.

Extra carefully, of course

All of our employees have been well trained in the art of moving and packing carefully and take pride in all of our projects. Our trucks are fully equipped with 80 premium moving blankets, shrink wrap, tape, and an assortment of dollies and moving straps to ensure that we are able to move your items flawlessly. We also carry quite a few floor runners in each truck to not only protect your floors while we are moving but to maintain that we have a good grip while in the process of moving your belongings.

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Furniture Relocators is a local, family owned moving company servicing the greater Calgary area.  We specialize in performing high end moving services for a reasonable hourly cost.  Both our two and three man crews come with a 5 ton truck fully equipped with all the furniture blankets, floor runners and all the equipment that the crews will require to safely transport your furniture.  We also provide 5 wardrobe boxes free of charge for you to hang your clothes on during transit.

Looking for packing services?  Furniture Relocators also offers full packing services to ensure that your belongings are as safe as possible.  When we do the packing for you we also insure the contents of each box, although furniture has full insurance the contents of customer packed boxes are not insured.

How we work after hiring Furniture Relocators is we do have a 3 hour minimum which includes 2 hours of work and a 1 hour travel charge which allows us a half an hour to your home and a half an hour back to our shop after the move is complete.  Anything after the 3 hour minimum is just charged to the quarter hour.  This is an example of a Local relocation within the City of Calgary.  We can however travel anywhere in Alberta as long as the pick up or drop off locations are within the greater Calgary Area.  For these types of jobs we will still charge by the hour however it turns into a round trip charge from when we leave the office until we get back.

For even more information about how we work please have a look at our Google Plus Page.

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