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Home Inspection Checklist

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Home Inspection Checklist When Purchasing A New Home


A home inspection checklist is essential to purchasing a home.  When it comes to a task as monumental as buying a new home, you’re also talking about something that amounts to a considerable investment.  To that end, you naturally want to make sure that you are investing your money wisely.


This is where the notion of a home inspection checklist becomes obvious and appealing.


Creating Your Own Home Inspection Checklist


Of course, any checklist for home inspection that you’re going to utilize is a preliminary measure.  At the end of the day, you do not want your own checklist to replace what a professional can bring to the table.  Only a home inspection expert can show you what you are actually buying.


Nonetheless, you can use the following to build your own checklist, which can prove to be essential in its own way:


  • Foundations: Check the base of both walls and ceilings in every room of the house.  Are there any cracks or shifts?  Any tress encroaching from the outside?


  • Lots: Is drainage moving away from the home?  Are there any significant soggy spots?


  • Roofs: Are there any problems with trees?  When was the last time the roof was inspected?  How are the shingles?  Are they starting to peal?


  • Exteriors: Are there any visible repair demands?  Are gutters/downspouts firmly attached?  Do you see loose boards?  Dangling wires?  Asbestos?


  • Attic: Check the interior of the roof for leakage signs.


  • Interior leak evidence: This essential component to your home inspection checklist should involve looking at ceilings, while checking around windows.


  • Basements: How is the insulation?  Check for dampness, and ask to see the crawlspace, if there is one.


  • Electrical: How are the switches working?  You’re going to want to check for any obvious malfunctions.  You are also going to want to make sure the outlets have been grounded, in addition to making sure the panel has been properly updated/expanded.  Check for copper wire while trying to stay away from aluminum.


  • Plumbing: Listen for unusual noises.  Ask if the sewer lines have been scoped recently for any potential cracks.  Check all the faucets and toilets to make sure they work properly and look for leaks.


  • Appliances: If you’re getting appliances in the package, make sure everything is working correctly.


  • Heating/cooling systems: Check on the age of the furnace, and find out if the system has been converted to something more modern recently.  Check the filter to see if they regularly maintain it and if possible try and have a look to see if there are any cracks in the exchangers.


  • Odors: Are there any detectable odors inside the house?  Are there any detectable odors to the immediate outside of the house?  Inside the house, certain odors can point to the possibility of a problematic musty basement.


In the end these are things you can do yourself but we always recommend getting a professional to do a proper home inspection after deciding on a property.  Follow this link to find out what a home inspection is all about.


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