How to Easily Downsize Your Home

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How to Easily Downsize Your Home

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Tips on how to easily downsize your home


If you are moving or relocating, you would obviously wonder how to easily downsize your home.  Even if you are moving within your city, perhaps moving in with your partner or plan to share an apartment with a friend and definitely when you are moving from one city to another, you would need some handy solutions to how to easily downsize your home.  It would not only get you on top of things but also help you to save on moving services.  Why should you pay for relocating something when you would be getting rid of it anyway?


Here is a simple and easy guide to downsize your home.


• De-clutter your home.  Pile all the junk in one place, everything that is not in its original or rightful place must be moved back and you need to know everything that you happen to have in your home.  While de-cluttering, you must make an inventory.  Make a list of everything that you have.  Even if it is a few boxes of papers, you should have an inventory that details the kind of papers you have.  Should you be in need to get rid of those boxes, you must not think twice.  De-cluttering shouldn’t be a onetime exercise but an annual strategy.  But it is imperative when you are relocating.


• Make a list of things you would keep and things you can get rid of. Anything that is not dear to you, has no utilitarian value or you don’t see a place for it in your life and home should find a place in this list. Some of these items may be sold online, some may find a place at a yard sale and some may just have to be junked.


• You must have the exact measurements and thus available space in your present and new home when you decide in favor or against some large items, such as appliances and furniture.  If the floor area or available space makes room for such installations, then you don’t need to get rid of them just yet.


• If you have too many of the same stuff and you never use them, get rid of them.  Crockery, utensils and any such utilitarian items don’t always get considered while downsizing.  If you have plenty of extras and you don’t use them, there is really no sense in holding onto them.  Get rid of the older ones and save on storage space and on how much you pay to the moving services.


For some excellent money-smart reasons to downsize the house you live in please follow this link.


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